The doctor went to his bed

Compassionately he said

“A tumor seven inches”


A Chemotherapy

No effect made it desperately

So he laid this weapon down and prayed


The family came together 

To bring their concern before Christ

And in addition a natural treatment

Honestly - hope for improve was small

Oh wow, eleven weeks till the doctor mumbles

“There`s no more cancer at all”   



My uncle got up last night

And had a feeling inside

That he should pray for his nephew Ede


He wrote an email to see

If all is fine with Ede

The response – A Story amazing of last night


Ede drove in a car in Haiti 

With a friend sittin` at his side

Their bodies stayed unaffected

Their bodies just got no harm at all

When a horse ran onto the road 


So that the car smashed its powerful ass