Six o`clock in morning 

When the sun is up to interrupt

My lovely dreams lovely scenes

Tell me: What do I do?


Why should I stay in bed bed

And play a lazy cat cat

I just turn the music on

I rather dance all over the room


The song diddelong

Gets me on the highest tone

I belong to the party type of person


The neighbor`s getting` angry

Sleepin` like a baby

But why do I care?

I party


Turn the music louder!!


Eight o`clock 

Get Red Bull shock

Get a hot hot shower

Agate Bauer


Hannover main station

Feel the good vibration

And music in my ears – no fears

Cause I am dancing


I feel like on a party

Singing “uppersodie”

And the people all around

Are just moving to the sound


I got the joy

I got the joy

I got the joy

I got the joy

I got the heavenly joy joy in my heart



Turn the music louder!!