You know

An engine is constructed to go on gasoline

Possibly the engine breaks

If you give it diesel


You know

A human heart is constructed to go on God

Possibly the heart will break

If it goes on something else

Cause a human heart is his design


We sat in a small tidy bar

Drinking white beer in a jar

Talkin` chitchattin` `bout this `n that

When Simon raised his voice


“Tell me buddies:



“Well, hmm, interesting

Luck is party 

Luck is friends 

Luck is family

Luck`s romance

The concentration on yourself

Luck is money




“I tried on money – money is allright

And then party – somehow left me unsatisfied

My health – faces cancer

Buddha – had no answer 

My wife – fucked another

Friends – went undercover


The concentration on myself 

Is a concentration on a mess

My family is bunch of hatred”

Somebody says: “Just enjoy the moment”

“The moment is SHIT

So do you know what luck is?


At least a bit?