Early in the morning I got ready for the day

Early in the morning I sat down and tried to pray

But I somehow couldn’t, I was thinking by myself

That I won’t survive the day


Forgot to prepare Uni, forgot to pay the rent in time

And I missed my friends, to share and talk about life

I ran out of money, ran an empty bank account

And that made me come to you


It was one of those days, that I barely wish to move

Simply one of those days without joy without a groove

And I felt like a sad song, when a happy song you gave


Now Jan, Take that guitar, the broken string don’t matter

Listen carefully and sing along with me


And as you gave me this song

As all my fearing was gone

And as I went to Uni

I could see myself dancing


Early in the morning I was dancing all around

I heard choirs singin, and they knew the greatest sound

And I praised the lord wor beeing who he is


Early in the morning - Nothing better than this